Manager's Message


Dear Students,


I congratulate you being a student in MarmaraUniversity which has the rooted history of 131 years and has a large number of graduates with valuable personalities. Vocational School of Technical Sciences, a distinguished element of this well-established institution, has academic staff that has proven themselves through academic achievements in their areas and also approaching to the students with family affection. Our faculty has approximately 2.500 students in 10 departments including primary, secondary and distance education programs. Our structure has a significant function to meet the growing demands of industrial enterprises for qualified staff, throughout our country, especially in İstanbul.


In recent years, laboratory and atelier of our institution have significantly been renovated through institutional, national and international projects and workshops that have been conducted by our academic staff. Our institution is one of Turkey's finest Vocational Schools. Since 1991, nearly 13.000 graduates that are working as technicians have become an indispensable element of the institutions they work for or have established their own businesses by success. We receive positive feedbacks and constructive criticism from our graduates and their employers and it is our source of pride and most important reference for us to develop our education policy.


In a rapidly globalization world, your responsibility as a candidate technical staff is very important to capture the responsibilities for your country’s growth. Hence, it is imperative that you should target the maximum utilization of the knowledge and the experience of our qualified academic staff. Furthermore, the most important key to your success will be your loyalty to the professional and general ethics rules.


With these feelings and thoughts, I thank you for choosing our school, and wish you further success in your future endeavors.





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